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"I had spoken to people at other staffing agencies before but never actually worked with any because I felt pressured and uncomfortable after the initial phone call. The first time I talked to Rick from Boylston Staffing it was very different. He listened to what I was looking for and was very honest with me about what he had available and what he thought of my skill set. I never felt pressured or mislead with Rick. After months of looking for the right fit, he placed me in a temp to perm role so that I would have the option to go elsewhere if it did not work out. I had concerns during the first month or two and Rick counseled me through it all, helped me communicate my concerns to my boss, and eased my fears. I have never felt so supported and he made the transition much easier and more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Boylston Staffing to anyone looking for a job or some guidance!"
Amanda G.
"I had never worked with a staffing agency before working with Boylston Staffing, but my experience working with Kathleen gave me a very positive outlook! Kathleen worked with me to find a job and made the whole process very smooth. She was also very attentive and made sure to contact me every time a job I might like came up and was quick to help me get an interview. I would recommend Boylston Staffing to anyone who is looking for a temporary or full time position. "
Claire B.
"I couldn't be happier with the support that I received from Rick and the Boylston Staffing team! Rick is great! He listened to my what I was looking for and connected me with an opportunity that was exactly what I was looking for. Tomorrow is my 3 month review with the position that Rick placed me in and I'm so happy to be here. I love my job, my boss is amazing, and the department is very supportive. I really don't think I could be happier. Prior to working with Rick I was skeptical about how effective working with a staffing agency would be, but now I recommend Boylston Staffing to all of my peers who are job searching. Rick and the Boyston Staffing team are great! I'm very fortunate to have had their guidance which connected me to the role I am in today. Thank you!!!!!"
Sable S.
"My experience working with Boylston Staffing over the period of a few years was extremely positive. From the first day that I submitted my resume, Kathleen contacted me quite promptly which impressed me right away! When I went in for an initial interview, I immediately appreciated her professionalism, sincerity, and the time she took to review my resume and understand my work history. She gave me insightful recommendations to make updates to my resume, and her knowledge helped me recreate a resume that now has much greater organization and clarity. Kathleen always impressed me due to her obvious dedication and work ethic. I value her honesty and although I miss working with her, I am grateful that through her constant efforts, I was able to find a permanent job role. Kathleen and Rick are doing great work, and their integrity and dedication are at the heart of Boylston. "
Kelli E.
"After leaving my previous job without another job lined up, I was emotionally, mentally, and financially struggling, that is, until Kathleen came to the rescue! My friend referred me to her and I'm so glad she did. Kathleen cares deeply about her clients and when she says she's going to reach out to her contacts, she follows her word. Because of her, I interviewed at a local university for a temp job that later turned permanent when a position opened within the same department. My official one year anniversary at my current job is just around the corner - thank you Kathleen and Boylston!
Stephanie S.
"A great place to go when looking for work. I worked directly with Rick who was dedicated to finding me a job. Rick constantly kept in contact with me when a new job position would open up. Rick would always run by the position first with me and make sure that it was a job I wanted to apply for. I got an interview, and started working at the company the next week. He was extremely helpful throughout the whole process and helped me start my career. "
Anna S.
"I was recently placed in a position by Rick at Boylston Staffing. They are by far the best staffing agency around. Rick was extremely proactive. He contacted me to set up an in person meeting to talk about a potential job placement. Within minutes of leaving his office he called me with an interview time. He talked to me both before and after the interview. He kept in contact and was able to provide me great feedback about the interview. It was less than a month from the time I was contacted to the time I was offered, and accepted, a position. Rick is extremely personable, knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend this staffing agency! "
Nicole E.
"Boylston Staffing is by far the best employment agency I ever worked with. I’ve worked with many agencies over the bulk of my career, and I haven’t experienced results like I have with Boylston. Kathleen’s work ethic is amazing – I never worried whether she had my best interests at heart, or whether she was working on my behalf. Kathleen and Rick are the best at what they do and I highly recommend them. Because of them, I recently accepted an amazing permanent job offer at the employer of my dreams. I’m so grateful for the diligence and dedication of their team!"
Tracy M.
"I had been searching for work for a few months and had met with a few staffing firms before I met with Kathleen . I hadn't heard anything back from those firms and I was not looking forward to my meeting at Boylston Staffing. I could not have been more surprised when Kathleen called me the same day as our initial meeting with a offer to interview. Throughout this process, Kathleen has always made me feel like a priority and that she wanted what was best for me and not just a commission. Kathleen was always available to talk and gave me constant updates on the prospective job opportunities through phone and email. The number one thing I appreciate about Kathleen was her honest advice about how I presented myself during interviews. I really feel that made the difference in this job search. I started work this past Tuesday and I could not recommend working with Kathleen or the Boylston team more. "
Valerie C.
"I can't say enough about this agency especially about Kathleen. I have never worked as a temp and I was so lucky to have found her. I started emailing her at 2:00 AM in the morning and at 9:00AM I had an email reply from her with a date and time for an appointment to meet with her. I got a job within my second interview and after just 3 weeks I was offered a permanent position. Kathleen was always willing to help and was always available by phone or email. Thank you so much Kathleen for introducing me to such a great Agency."
Mircia K.
"Amazing, simply amazing! Boylston Staffing was incredible to work with during my transition to the Boston area. I would like to say a special thank you to Kathleen for being so considerate and hard-working; I never had to wonder if she had her nose to the grindstone on my behalf. I landed an amazing job all thanks to Kathleen's (and Boylston Staffing's) dedication and diligence. Thank you guys so much! "
Jessica K.
"This is by far the best temp agency I have worked with! Kathleen went above and beyond to help me. She always responded to all my emails and phones calls so quickly. She walked me through all the details for the job I applied for. She was so easy to talk to! She really is great at what she does! I'm happy to say I landed a great opportunity with a fantastic company! Thanks again to Kathleen and Boylston staffing for all your hard work! "
Nicole M.
"I want to say that Boylston Staffing is the best company out there to assist anyone in finding a job. Rick and Kathleen are the best at what they do. They always make sure they find a job that is right for me and when they did, they went above and beyond to make sure I got the job. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Rick and Kathleen. "
Min Y.
"A big thanks to Kathleen D. and the whole Boylston Staffing team. From the courteous and professional service to Kathleen's keen eye for detail and character-fits, my experience was not only positive but also rewarding. Strongly recommended."
Christophe P.
"Rick and Boylston staffing are such a great asset for securing a job in Boston. Within a week, Rick was able to set me up with a job at a very desirable organization. He was hands-on, easy to contact, explained the hiring process with great detail, and made the job search extremely easy on my end. I would certainly recommend Boylston Staffing to anyone looking for employment in Boston because Rick and his staff will work tirelessly to connect you with the right organization. I can't say enough about Boylston Staffing!"
Maisie O.
"If you’re looking for results then you’re in the right place. Boylston Staffing is nothing short of amazing, when it comes to getting results. Kathleen does an incredible job at making sure you find work at a place you will love and thrive. From the very first meeting Kathleen will make sure you walk away with tangible help whether that means giving you tips on how to revamp your resume or tackle interview questions. I would recommend Boylston Staffing to anyone looking for either short or long term work. The entire team is extremely helpful and really nice to work with. They honestly turn the unpleasant job search process into a much more pleasant experience."
Naima A.
"Life changing people work at Boylston Staffing! Kathleen has been so wonderful since my very first interview with her! They are so attentive and they respond so fast to all my emails no matter what question I may have. I will eternally be grateful for the job I was placed in which now I am a FULL TIME EMPLOYEE! Could not have done it without this wonderful team. My daughter and I have a better future thanks to Boylston Staffing. She helped me with my resume, interview tips and allowed me to see the potential I had in myself. Soooo happy for my future! Boylston Staffing is THE agency that will get you hired. Thanks guys!! "
Cibele G.
"I highly recommend Boylston Staffing and recommend Rick as your recruiter. This was so very seemless and Rick did all the work for me. I posted my resume' on line, Rick called me a day later and two days later I was working. I cannot believe it has been 90 days and I am now hired with my company as a permanent employee. I will also post on facebook to let all of my friends and family know what a wonderful experience I had with Boylston. Thank you so very much Rick, you Rock!!!!"
Angela M.
"If you need a recruiting company you can trust and actually help find the right job for you then look no further! I really mean it! I had always been skeptical of recruiters and staffing agencies but Rick from Boylston Staffing showed me they can be trusted and better yet find me a job I love! I first came to Rick about 7 months ago looking to make a career change. I knew what field I wanted to work in and had the experience needed but Rick brought possibilities to me I had never even thought about. I ended up taking a job else where at the time but it ended up not working out, and I found myself in a predicament, unemployed. (Around the holidays to boot) I immediately reached out to Rick again for help and soon enough he had interviews lined up for me. By the end of the month I was working a temp to hire position. Not even 3 weeks went by and I found out from my temp employer I was wanted permanently for the position. I couldn't have gotten here with out their help! Seriously put your worrying aside and let Boylston Staffing find that dream job you've always wanted. "
Karen S.
"Kathleen and Rick from Boylston Staffing were great to work with! I initially met with Kathleen and she was very attentive to my needs and offered me guidance every step of the way. Shortly after, I was working in the industry of my choice. Boylston Staffing gave me this wonderful opportunity to advance my career and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you! "
Jiayi F.
"I recently located to Boston from Nashville and had applied to over seventy positions before I found Boylston Staffing. Not only did they email me back within three hours of my initial application for one of their postings, they also helped me transition my resume from recent graduate student CV to professional resume. Kathleen worked with me to find the best position possible for my skill set. With her help and dogged determination to find me employment, I am now an employee at a fantastic institution and I couldn't be happier. Much thanks to Kathleen and the team at Boylston Staffing, you guys rock!!!"
Jennie E.
"I was laid off by my full-time job, and was unemployed for 6 months. During that time I sent out countless numbers of resumes and contacted other employment agencies, with no luck. I was less than two years out of college, and it was frustrating having a high education level but being disregarded for a lack of experience. The only regret I had with contacting Boylston Staffing is that I did not do it sooner. Within a few days of contact, Kathleen had me set up with temp to perm position. Unfortunately, the client was not able to hire me permanently, but Kathleen was able to connect me with a different client within days as well. Two appointments and 5 months later, I am now working full-time permanently at a prestigious hospital. I credit the experience gained from temporary work as a major factor in obtaining this new career. Thank you to Kathleen and the rest of Boylston Staffing!"
Ashley V
"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Rick and Boylston Staffing. I have worked with a number of staffing agencies in and around Boston and Boylston is still the only one I recommend to others. I am so thankful for my wonderful job and for Rick who helped me get there!"
Mavourneen F.
"I returned to Boston recently and was in search of a position in an industry that interested me. Kathleen was extremely helpful and reliable when it came to finding a role that fit my skill set. She set me up on an interview right away and was there every step of the way. I very much enjoyed the positive interactions with Boylston Staffing and am very happy to be working at a successful and great company!"
Megan S.
"I cannot recommend Kathleen and Boylston Staffing enough. I met with Kathleen on Wednesday, the day before New Years and had a job on Tuesday 1/4/16. Kathleen is incredibly good at what she does. She's no nonsense and gets results. She knows exactly what her clients are looking for. She'll tell you specifically how to tailor your resume so that you will get the job. I have never had such an incredibly positive experience with a temp agency. Usually I leave feeling an antiseptic residue and there are never results that I feel truly excited about. Working with Kathleen was exactly the opposite experience. She is there to get you a job and she means business. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Kathleen-You're a serious Super Star!"
Emily C.
"Best agency I have worked with by a far mile! I have dealt with 7 agencies in 3 states moving with my military spouse over the last 5 years or so. I was sort of desensitized to the industry and the way things work. I was then contacted by Rick with an incredible opportunity, so I went in to see him. I was so happy with his professional, yet really personal touch. I felt taken care of instead of ignored. I knew this time it was a different feeling, I was right. I was in a temp position with Boylston for 3+ months that just turned perm. The fit is absolutely perfect and Rick saw it before I did. During my temp time, my pay was always correct and on time or early with no issues, I was taken care of, whenever I had a question or concern, responded to quickly, even on weekends! I now see the local vs national agency difference. I would recommend Boylston Staffing to anyone, and do.
Thank you Rick and Boylston, I now have one of the best jobs in Boston and am beyond appreciative for your role in landing me mine!"
Lori C.
"I have worked with many staffing agencies in Boston while on summer breaks from college and now as a recent graduate. I can honestly say that Boylston Staffing is one of the best agencies that I have worked with. Boylston called me multiple times a week with opportunities and I was placed quickly. Boylston also offers a great level of service to their candidates. Rick answers emails in literally minutes and was even available to talk to me after business hours when I had some questions that I needed answered before the next business day. That is a far cry from some of the other agencies I've worked with in the past. I would certainly recommend Boylston Staffing to anyone who is looking for work."
Sarah S.
"Mrs. Kathleen Dorsey Gilman, Vice President of Boylston Staffing is professional, friendly and upbeat. She will do her absolute best to find you a job. Just do your part by contacting her and letting her know that you are available for work. I completed one of the temporary assignments that she sent me on and a few months later that same company offered me a permanent job. I happily accepted the position. You will definitely want to sign up with Boylston Staffing. Don't put it off - do it today!"
Shagne K.
"Amazing, professional and most importantly, actually listened to what I was looking for!

I had been looking for a permanent job for over 6-months. I had sent countless resumes out and had met with several agencies, all of which had led me on wild goose chases. I am extremely thankful that I gave Boylston Staffing a try. Kathleen was professional, honest, and understood where my skills would fit. On the very same day that I met with Kathleen, I received a call from her regarding an interview for a temp to perm position with a prestigious university. I interviewed, got the temp position and in just three months I became a permanent employee at the university! I am very, very grateful to Kathleen and to Boylston Staffing for helping me land a position that is truly a perfect fit. I highly recommend giving Kathleen a call!
Maggie T.
"I have nothing but great things to say about Rick and Boylston Staffing. I had just moved to Boston and had no luck with getting a job. After a month I contacted Boylston and within 2 days I met with Rick and within 3 days I had my first interview. I did not have the best luck with my first few interviews, but Rick would check in with me almost every day with new opportunities. He also made sure he called me after every interview to see how it went and to check in with the company. He also provided me with valuable tips as well. I think the longest I went without a "check in" from Rick was a day and a half. I felt like they really cared and tried really hard to find me a great job and they always had my best interest at heart. I now have been at my current job for three months and am about to become a permanent hire. I would never have been able to do this without Rick and the rest of Boylston Staffing. I highly recommend every person in search of a job to contact them. Not only did I land a great job, but I gained great interviewing experience as well. Some of my colleagues have also went through Boylston Staffing and I have heard nothing but positive things from them too!"
Megan F.
"In addition to be a incredibly professional, responsive, and caring, Rick has been so helpful to me in my job search. After trying several local staffing agencies and getting the runaround, I spoke with Rick who sent me on my first interview the same day we met and followed up with me throughout the entire duration of the hire process! Over the past two years, Rick has helped me find two great long-term positions and provided invaluable resume and interview advice. I am very appreciative of Rick's help and dedication to his clients; Rick really gets results and is great to work with due to his thoroughness and expertise. I highly recommend Rick and have already referred several friends to him! "
Alice G.
"I first worked with Rick at Boylston Staffing in 2010 and was placed in a wonderful job where I worked for three years. I moved on to a new position and was unfortunately laid off in 2015. That same day, the first call I made was to Rick. Even though we had not spoken in five years, he remembered me and asked if I could come meet with him at his office. Four hours later, he called to say he had placed me in a temporary position to get me back on my feet. To say that I am grateful is an understatement. I have worked with about a dozen different recruiters in Boston and Boylston Staffing is by far the best! I would definitely recommend them to anyone in the Boston area looking for a temporary or permanent position. "
Robin E.
"This is the best staffing agency in town. Kathleen is great and I'm currently now permanently employed at a job she got me about a year and a half ago. My girlfriend also was able to take a temp position into a permanent one through Boylston.

I think all these bad reviews are from people who don't understand the nature of temp agencies. They don't always have something that fits for you and they might not have it right away.

I would suggest calling and checking back in on a regular basis. As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease."
Dan C.
"Positively Awesome.

They landed me a great job and wouldn't ask for anything better. Honestly, I enjoy coming into work everyday.

I came across Boylston Staffing a couple of months ago after being unemployed since May. I responded to a job post and was immediately contacted by Kathleen. During the interview process, Kathleen was professional and very honest with me. She saw my strengths and gave me tips on how to improve my weaknesses. Unfortunately, the position I applied for had been filled but within a day or two of the interview, Kathleen contacted me with plenty of options. I felt that she really personalized the search by listening to what I needed. She worked with me and kept in constant contact. The rest of the staff is just as great because if she was ever unavailable (which was rare) they always had someone keep in touch with me.

My current placement is amazing. I love my job and everything that we do. I am grateful I found Boylston Staffing. I would have never found my current job on my own.

I really appreciate everything they did for me. THANKS AGAIN!!!!"
Cindy C.
"From the moment I walked into the building I was greeted with nothing short of the kindest welcome. I immediately felt at ease, and that was an important first impression. I I had just graduated from graduate school and having been in academia for far too long I had little in the way of knowing the ways of the world, including how to find a job properly. Boylston Staffing worked incredibly fast in securing me a position in a field of work I quite enjoyed. Within the week I got my first job. I've worked with five other companies before, and while they were good, they didn't hit a home-run like Boylston Staffing did. I recommended this agency to all my friends in similar situations."
Hanna Y.
"I have nothing but the best to say about this place. The level of communication is great and I really can't say that about too many of my past job experiences. I was really well taken care of through this agency and I definitely felt secured in the position they had put me in. I have dealt with other staffing agencies before but this one definitely hit the mark! Thanks guys!"
Jenny D.
"Boylston Staffing is a very reputable placement agency that works hard to find the right client-employer fit. I was matched with a job that had a great employee culture and room for growth."
Alecia R.
"I started looking for a career change and a couple of my friends suggested to try a staffing agency. I decided to search for opportunities and I was lucky to find Rick and Boylston Staffing. Rick was very thorough with any questions I asked, connected me with the right employer and I am about to hit my 2 month mark as a permanent employee. I couldn't recommend Boylston enough and if any of my friends or family are looking for employment opportunities, I am definitely going to recommend Rick and Boylston Staffing."
Tyler S.
"You won't find a team more genuine, kind, or more invested in your career development and job search than Boylston Staffing. This dedicated and personable staff takes the time to get to know its clients, and to attend to their specific desires and skill-sets in searching for their next opportunity. I whole-heartedly recommend Rick and Boylston Staffing to anyone looking to make their next career move. P.S. - I transitioned to permanent employment via Boylston's placement. "
Catie W.
"Rick from Boylston Staffing was very helpful! He is professional and dependable. He helped me find a job so quickly and introduced me to a great work place! "
Celia M.
"Boylston staffing is a great staffing agency to work with. They respond quickly and want to make sure everything is good for for you. I have worked with a few different agencies and Boylston is by far the best! "
Jennifer P.
"Rick from Boylston Staffing was great! He was extremely helpful, attentive and made sure he really listened to what kind of job I was looking for. He was always available to answer questions or concerns that I had and his responsiveness when it came to following up on phone calls and emails was incredible. I felt like he was truly invested in me finding a job that I would love and was willing to help in any way possible to make that happen. He was wonderful to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a new career!"
Kelsey M.
"I've been in Boston for three years, in which time I have worked for four different staffing firms--including that huge one downtown that plasters their ads all over the T--and none of them offered me the highly personal, flexible employment experience that I found at Boylston Staffing. They were attentive to my needs as a student, as well as my schedule limitations, and always did their best to find me a job conducive to my skills and abilities. Further, Rick was a joy to work with, and to this day--whether I need him to scan and email my W-2 which I've lost for the fifth time, or whether inquiring about available part-time positions--we still maintain a great rapport. "
Thomas L.
"Boylston staffing exceeded all of my expectations! From my first meeting with Kathleen, to gaining employment, I enjoyed a positive experience. Boylston Staffing, and Kathleen are extremely responsive throughout the process, and I was always treated as if I was their most important candidate. My brother recommended Boylston Staffing after they were able to help him find a position after school. I would recommend Boylston to any job seeker out there. Most importantly, I felt Boylston was honest about feedback, and always had my best interest in mind. Simply, Boylston Staffing is unequivocally the best staffing agency with whom I have ever worked! "
Greg D.
"Working with Boylston Staffing was a huge contrast to recruiters I had previously worked with. The other recruiters seemed to lack experience, wasted my time with pointless calls, and tried to pressure me into accepting very low-paying jobs. Rick is efficient and responsive. Even on short temp jobs he offers a much fairer wage than the big staffing agencies. After I started working with him, I quickly learned that if I saw him calling there was good news on the other side of the phone. His commitment shows in the fact that he has cultivated successful client/employer relationships that have lasted for many years. Rick matched me with a temporary position in the area I was most interested in. I worked on a temporary basis for 3 months and was hired after that. I am now 2 months into my permanent job and very happy. I would recommend Boylston Staffing without hesitation. In fact, I have already begun recommending them to friends looking for work."
Natalie M.
"I was referred to Boylston Staffing by a friend who obtained a job through them. I had previously used a few other temp agencies and was skeptical about calling. I spoke to Kathleen and made a meeting to meet and within 1 week I was in a long term temp position. Any time I called Boylston staffing whether speaking with Kathleen or Rick they have always been able to line up an interview and most importantly secure me a position in almost no time at all. They are by far the most professional and courteous recruiters I have ever worked with. Kathleen took a look at my resume, experience and asked what I was looking for in a position and didn't just place me anywhere, she really made sure it was a great fit for me personally and financially. After being placed in my final position with them I was able to go permanent. I am now with a great company in a great field and I would've never had the opportunity without the help of Kathleen and Rick. Even after being secured in a permanent position I can still call and ask questions and they are always happy to help. By far the best experience I have ever had with any agency, Can't thank them enough!"
Tanisha P.
"Can't say enough great things about this company. As I started my first job search in 10years ( after I found out my current employer was closing the doors) I really didn't even know where to start. I reached out to this company and was introduced to Rick. Our first phone conversation left me with so much hope. He was so kind, energized and positive and supposedly had the perfect job lined up for me. I felt like this would be to good to be true. He set up an interview for me with this company within two days. He was so efficient with calling me first then emaing me all the details so I didn't miss anything. After my first interview I really felt like he found me my perfect job! The hours, location, pay was exactly what I was looking for and the owner was extremely nice. (I was still hesitant because there is no way this process could be so easy. ) One hour after I left the interview he called me to follow up and asked my thoughts. After I expressed my excitement on how it seemed so perfect, he then delivered the great news they wanted to make me an employment offer. He dealt with all the awkward negotiations( thank goodness). He stuck through the complete process making sure all the ducks were in a row until my first day. I can't say enough good things about Rick. He really nailed this one. He responded to my email requesting help getting a job, got me an interview, and an employment offer within 3 business days. I wish I had unemployed friends because he would be the person I would send them too. "
Dianna B.
" By far the best agency in Boston! Rick and his team are such a pleasure to work with. His honesty and commitment to helping me with my employment goals went above and beyond. I had my doubts about temp work and staffing agencies, and he talked to me about how temping could help me with work experience and building my resume. I had just graduated from grad school and had no real experience in the workforce. With the help of Rick and his team, my temp experience was great, I was able to build my resume, make some wonderful connections, and gain work experience. Rick was honest and upfront with me, he answered all of my emails and phone calls with promptness, and always willing to give feedback on resume updates. I highly recommend Rick and his team and I will be recommending him to anyone who is looking for work! "
Katie M.
" I recently relocated to Boston and was in desperate need of a job when a close friend referred me to Rick, at Boylston Staffing. Right off the bat Rick was extremely motivated and eager to help find me a position. He asked lots of questions and catered the search to companies that most resonated with my passions, my prior experience, and my financial needs. He stuck with me for about a month or so and always made sure to keep in contact and update me with relevant news. In the past, I had worked with recruiting agencies and there was this constant fear of "not doing enough". Boylston Staffing was a breath of fresh air. With the agencies help and persistence I am now a permanent employee at a wonderful institution. Thank you to the Boylston Team!!"
Jackie C.
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